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Frequently Asked Questions

How are bets calculated?

Bets are calculated by the probability of something happening. For example, if the bet is priced at 4-1, then it is calculated as 1 / (4+1) = 0.2 which means there is a 20% chance of the outcome happening. The bet return is calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds. A single bet can usually be worked out easily, but when working out a multiple it is advisable to use a bet calculator.

How do you work out a Lucky 15 bet?

The Lucky 15 bet consists of 15 bets on four selections (four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold accumulator). The return on a Lucky 15 depends on how many selections win. If one selection wins, the return will depend on the odds of a single bet, whereas if three selections win there will be six winning bets that make up the return depending on their respective odds.

How are horse race payouts calculated?

Horse race bets are calculated the same as any other bet, by multiplying the stake by the odds. However, horse race bets placed on the Tote are calculated by the total value of the pool split evenly to the winning stakes.

What do the odds mean?

The odds represent the probability of something happening and therefore the expected return to a stake and can be displayed in decimals or fractions. For example odds of 4-1 suggest there is a 1 in 5 chance (4+1) of something happening and the return to a £1 stake would be £5 (£4 profit).

How do you calculate a double bet?

If you want to manually calculate a double bet, simply multiply the stake by the first set of odds, and then multiply the total return by the second set of odds. If you’re having trouble calculating your bet, why not try our Bet Calculator.

What is a double bet?

A double bet is a single bet on two outcomes in different events. Both selections must win for a return.

What is a treble bet?

A treble bet consists of a single bet on three outcomes in different events. All three selections must win for a return.

What is an accumulator?

An accumulator comprises four or more selections in one bet. All of the selections must win to guarantee a return.

Different bets in horse racing?

There are a multitude of different bet types you can select for your ideal wager at the races. If you are unsure of your options, Racing Post has created a bespoke page highlighting the various options available to you when placing a bet. This page can be found here.

What is an each-way bet?

An each-way bet is a two-part bet, with half the stake going on the selection to win and the other half on the selection to place. The stake is double that for a win bet and yields a return if the selection wins or is placed.